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Why Getting A Mortgage Is Harder Than Applying For a Credit Card; New tips 2022

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Why People Avoid Home Loan Applications?

Mortgage; People usually ask me how to get a home loan and what should one keep in mind while applying for the mortgage, but when I tell them about all the requirements, they don’t understand why people avoid loan applications and they feel that mortgage is not for them.

It’s true that people avoid home loan applications because of the fear that they don’t qualify and don’t know what to do if the mortgage lender gives them a bad deal.

Many people are afraid of loan applications due to the high rates and the terms that are difficult to understand. Even if they know what a good rate is, they still shy away from taking the step forward and applying for a home loan, and that’s why I write this blog to guide people.

Why People Are Afraid of Home Loan Applications?

When people think of home loans, they mostly think of getting a home mortgage. They think that the home loan application process is very rigorous and it’s very complicated to get a good deal. In fact, home mortgage loans are very complicated and the application process is not only lengthy but also very expensive.

If the borrower has been paying his dues to the bank for a long time, he may be entitled to some sort of rebate which will increase his loan repayments. The lender will reduce the amount of the loan and will increase the interest rate.

To start with, the lender will give a small loan and he will increase the size of the loan in stages. As soon as the loan is completely paid off, the lender will issue the same amount again. He will increase the interest rate every time the loan is increased.

In short, lenders have a right to increase the size of the loan and raise the interest rate. They can make any change in the loan agreement that they like and they can add anything to it.

It is possible that the borrower does not qualify for the loan. Even if the person qualifies for the loan, there will be no guarantee that the lender will offer him a good deal. There are many people who get a mortgage and end up paying a higher rate than what the initial rates stated.

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In such a situation, the borrower can sue the lender for non-compliance. If the borrower feels that the lender was not honest about the terms and conditions, then he can file a case against the lender.

Another reason why people don’t want to apply for home loan is because of their credit history. Many people think that their credit score will be lowered by applying for a home loan.

There are people who are afraid that their credit rating will be lowered if they get an EMI loan. These people usually do not bother about their credit ratings.

Even if they do not have a good credit history, there is a possibility that they can get a home loan. This is possible when there is a special situation, which is called a ‘possibility period’.

Why Getting A Mortgage Is Harder Than Applying For a Credit Card

It might surprise you to know that the credit card application process is the easiest process of all. After applying for a credit card, you just need to pay the amount every month and you are ready for another credit card, right?

But for a mortgage, you need to go through a lot of hurdles which makes it hard and takes a lot of time. Yes, I am talking about the home loan application process. In fact, it is one of the most stressful and frustrating processes of all.

If you are not aware of the whole process, then the following tips will help you to get an insight into what exactly does the home loan process involve.

Know Your Budgeting

Before you apply for a home loan, you must know about your budgeting and your income. If you want to get a house in a specific location, you need to know the area value. If you are getting a higher rate of interest, then you need to consider your repayment ability to keep the amount of interest.

Take Help of Professionals

In case you are unable to complete the entire home loan application on your own, then you can take help of a financial consultant. He or she will guide you through the entire process and he or she will also keep you updated throughout the process.

Get The Necessary Documents

You need to provide documents regarding your income and your financial status. If you need to get a home loan, you will have to show your bank account statements and pay slips.

The best thing is that your bank provides you a pre-approved loan amount which you can consider as a starting point.

If the borrower has a bad credit history and he is eligible for a home loan, then the lender will

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