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Vandalism claims have gone viral on Reddit. One user posted his photo with an image of a vandalized car and Redditors were quick to condemn the incident: New tips 2023

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Vandalism claims;As per the reports, an unidentified person allegedly damaged a car’s windshield. When the victim went to the police station to lodge a complaint, he was told that they couldn’t register a case without a picture of the vandal.

But the police didn’t even wait for the victim to take a photo of the vandal and handed him a form where he has to write down his personal information including name, address, email, contact number and occupation.

According to the victim, he had to write ‘car thief’ to fill in the form as he didn’t know the man’s identity.

The victim added that he felt like a criminal and his family would be scared when they saw him, leading him to file a case on Facebook. The police has reportedly lodged a complaint on his behalf.

On Reddit, one user took the matter seriously. He posted a photo of the vandalized car’s windshield, saying that his car was vandalized and asked Redditors to take a stand. “If you’re not gonna take a stand then there’s no point in you being here,” the user wrote.

But not everyone agreed with the victim’s decision. Some of the users on Reddit expressed their dissatisfaction at the victim.

“You want a police report? How about taking a photo and mailing it in,” one of the users said.;Vandalism claims

A user named ‘Lamplighter’ claimed that the victim might have been a ‘shady guy’ and ‘lazy.’ “You have no right to complain about your car being vandalized, you are just a guy who can’t make up his mind what he wants,” the user wrote.

Another user named ‘Deejay_RU’ took it even further and called the police ‘bogus.’ Vandalism claims;“That’s why you have cops,” the user added.

Some of the users expressed shock at the police department’s ‘insensitivity.’ “This is ridiculous, the guy who took the picture is probably the one who broke your car. You’re wasting time and resources by reporting this,” a user wrote.

Others wondered if the vandalism was even real. “What’s the use of reporting something if it didn’t even happen? If it did happen, you should probably just go over there and tell them what happened,” another user wrote.

In a final attempt to convince the users, a user named ‘CrazyKai’ took to the top of the thread and gave his point of view. “The police are stupid,” the user added.

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Vandalism claim goes viral on Reddit

Internet users are on a high alert and are on a lookout for possible fake claims.Vandalism claims; It seems that all internet users are taking the matter seriously and this is the reason why a claim about someone claiming that he vandalized his school went viral on Reddit.

The claim was made on Reddit and the name of the user is called ‘BartKauffman’ and he said that he vandalized his school and left an image of a pig with an ‘H’ on it.

Reddit users were furious and immediately attacked BartKauffman and started calling him a liar. However,Vandalism claims; he claimed that he was not lying and that his image was true.

The image was uploaded to Reddit a while ago and was seen by many people who were interested in BartKauffman. Vandalism claims;After seeing the image, some people doubted the authenticity of the photo.

Then BartKauffman got angry and posted another photo on his Instagram.Vandalism claims; In this photo, he has drawn an image of a pig and an ‘H’. BartKauffman said that the pig is a picture of his school and that the ‘H’ stands for ‘Homecoming’.

BartKauffman also mentioned that this is not the first time when he vandalized his school. He also vandalized a school in 2011 and posted the same image.

After reading the story, people were really surprised and shocked because BartKauffman is a known kid.

Then people started questioning BartKauffman and asked him if he really vandalized the school.

After seeing this question, BartKauffman immediately made another post where he showed the same photo of the pig with an ‘H’ on it and a drawing of a pig.

He wrote that this is the same image that he used in 2011 to draw a pig.Vandalism claims; Then he told people that he actually vandalized a school in 2011.

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