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The 5 Secrets of Getting a Refinance Loan with No Money Down

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Refinance Loan: Refinancing is a home mortgage modification process which helps the homeowners in the following ways:

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Pay the remaining amount

Many of the families are facing tough times and don’t have enough money to pay for the full payment of the loan. So, in this scenario refinancing is the best solution for them. When the family gets the new loan then they will pay the current outstanding amount first and rest of the balance can be paid by the new loan.

Keep in touch with the bank

Banks have their own policies which will be applicable for all the loan products. But when you are paying a new loan then the lenders will keep a watch on all the details. This way you will never miss any details. So, you will get a better deal and if you want then you can even refinance your home.

Lower the interest rate

One of the major reasons why many people get a second mortgage is because of lower interest rates. Interest rate of the second mortgage will be lower than the original one. This way you can save more and if you want then you can also pay off the loan sooner than the earlier one.

Increase the equity

Sometimes banks offer low interest rates to the people who have an equity of the house. So, it is good that you can increase the equity in your house by paying off the existing loans. It will help you to get a better interest rate and increase the equity.

Avoid the penalties

Most of the banks don’t like to extend the loan to people who don’t have a good credit. They will charge you a certain penalty if you do not repay the loan within the specified time. However, in this case the penalties will not apply and your interest rate will get lowered further.

The 5 Secrets of Getting a Refinance Loan with No Money Down

Did you know that when you are looking for a home loan, there are two types of loans? These two types of loan are called Conventional Mortgage and a No Money Down Refinance Loan.

Employment Attorney
Employment Attorney

A conventional loan requires that you have a certain down payment before the lender will finance the amount of the mortgage. And if you don’t have enough cash for the down payment, then you can get an NML or a No Money Down Refinance Loan. This type of loan is also known as a second mortgage, a second home loan or sometimes just called a refinance loan.

This kind of loan is quite convenient because you can use your existing first mortgage as the basis for the second mortgage and you won’t have to pay any money up front.

However, you can get the best deal only if you do some research beforehand. Here are some of the best secrets of getting a no money down refinance loan.

1. Your credit score is your key

Credit score plays a very important role in getting a good deal. People who have excellent credit scores usually get good deals and their interest rates are also less than people with bad credit.

2. Shop around

If you decide to go for an NML, then you should shop around. You can check the available offers and compare the loan rates to find out the best deals.

3. Your down payment

People who don’t have a lot of money to put in the down payment should definitely use an NML. Your loan officer will usually ask you to put 10% down for the refinance loan.

4. Closing costs

You shouldn’t forget about closing costs. These are fees that you have to pay at the time of closing, including your lawyer’s fees, the notary and title company fees, etc.

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Identity Theft Protection Insurance
Identity Theft Protection Insurance

5. Find the right loan officer

Once you have done all the research and found the best refinance loan option, then you should find the best loan officer who will help you to secure the best deal.


Refinancing is one of the best strategies that you can consider if you are facing a tight budget. You can easily pay off the existing loan and get a better interest rate by refinancing. This will also increase your equity which is one of the major factors that will attract a better rate from the lenders.

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