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Locksmith Loans: They’re the Latest Cash Advance Craze That Could Be Scamming You: New tips 2023

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Locksmith Loans: They’re the Latest Cash Advance Craze That Could Be Scamming You

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Locksmith loans are one of the newest cash advance craze sweeping the United States. With a name that sounds more like a business than a loan, this is the latest craze to hit the financial industry. They are short term loans that can be used to fund anything from home repairs to car repairs and even college tuition.

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The problem with these loans is that they don’t require any credit check whatsoever and applicants don’t have to use their own money to pay back the loan. Locksmith Loans;As a result, the number of people who have gone through this loan system and been scammed by unscrupulous lenders is growing steadily, year after year.

With little or no credit checking and no collateral, you can imagine the amount of trouble this type of lending scheme can cause for borrowers. In fact, some people have been tricked into giving up their entire life savings to the company that lent them the money.

What are locksmith loans?

This type of loan works by getting you to take out a short-term line of credit against your home or car keys.Locksmith Loans; The company gives you a small amount of money to get your keys re-keyed and locks re-programmed.Locksmith Loans; This means that you don’t need to worry about paying for the re-key yourself and you don’t have to worry about the locksmith breaking your key or re-keying your lock because it will be done for free.

Because these loans aren’t secured on the collateral of a vehicle or a house, you don’t have to worry about repaying the loan. It’s a great option for people who have no other way to obtain financing and can’t get credit from a traditional lender.

But just because this type of lending scheme sounds good, it doesn’t mean that the company that provides these loans is safe. Locksmith Loans;There are dozens of these companies that have popped up around the country. Many of them provide loans for amounts that are too small to really provide an option for financing.

In fact, many of the companies who offer these loans are nothing more than fronts for identity theft. As a result, you need to watch out for scams when looking for a legitimate loan provider.Locksmith Loans; The following are the top things you need to look for in a company that offers these types of loans.

1. You are given the phone number of the company, not the loan officer.

When you first call a company to get your locks re-keyed, you will often hear a recording telling you that you are calling to speak to an agent. That should be a red flag. If you aren’t speaking to a loan officer, you need to make sure to hang up and call another company.

2. You are not required to pay anything up front.

You will almost certainly be told to put down a deposit at the time of application and you should do this, but it doesn’t have to be an upfront

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