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How To Choose An Individual Health Insurance Plan: New tips 2022 

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How To Choose An Individual Health Insurance Plan?

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Individual Health Insurance;Health insurance is important when it comes to medical bills. In case you or your loved one is suffering from some serious illness, the amount of medical bills will not only be very high but you will be completely broke in no time. Individual Health Insurance; You can use the healthcare policies to pay off the medical bills and keep a balance in your pocket. You can use these plans on your own or for the benefit of your loved ones.

There are many kinds of health insurance plans available in the market. Individual Health Insurance;It is important to choose a plan that is appropriate for your family’s needs. Some plans are available for individuals while some are available for families. You should carefully check the plan details before deciding on it.

To find a suitable plan, here are a few factors to be kept in mind:

• Plan should be approved by the government

• The coverage should be flexible

• The plans should be affordable

• Plan should cover all the expenses

• The plan should not be too costly

1. Plan approved by the government:

As far as medical services are concerned, the government is responsible for the health care. Therefore, you can ask your employer or the government about any existing policy and plan available. You can contact the health insurance providers directly as well.

2. Flexibility:

In order to choose a health insurance plan, you need to consider the kind of coverage that you want. For example, if you are planning to buy a policy for yourself, then you need to ensure that it is flexible enough. Individual Health Insurance; It means that the policy should cover all the medical treatments including the routine checkups. If you are planning to buy the policy for your family, then you need to ensure that it is flexible enough. It means that the plan can be changed whenever you want to change your plans.

3. Affordable:

Another important thing to check is whether the policy is affordable. Individual Health Insuranc;You will have to pay a certain amount of premium for the coverage of each treatment that you get. Hence, you need to make sure that the premium is affordable for you.

4. Cover all the expenses:

While choosing a health insurance plan, you also need to make sure that it covers all the medical expenses that you incur. That means the insurance provider should cover not only the treatment but also the follow up visits. If the health insurance provider does not cover this, then you will have to pay for the treatment and the follow ups separately.

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5. No Too Expensive:

You should not choose a health insurance plan that is too expensive. There are a lot of cheap health insurance plans in the market, and hence, you need to check them as well. The cheap health insurance plan may not cover all the expenses, but it will surely help you in some way.

What is Individual Health Insurance Plan (IHIP)?

Individual Health Insurance Plan is an insurance policy that covers a large number of individuals under one insurance package. As per recent statistics, India has one of the largest population with individual health insurance policy.

With the increasing prevalence of the diseases, the medical expenses of the individual patients have also risen. To overcome this situation, the government introduced an insurance scheme called Individual Health Insurance Plan (IHIP) for covering the health needs of the people.

Now, let’s find out what the benefits of this insurance are?

The main objective of this policy is to provide financial coverage to the patients suffering from various types of ailments. The health policies include maternity benefits, treatment costs for the child, accident benefits, pre and post-natal care and much more. The policyholder can avail this health insurance plan for three years and renewal of the policy is also possible.

Who is eligible to buy this policy?

The policy is designed for all the Indian citizens and residents who have a valid passport. The policy will not be available for the immigrants who have been residing in India for less than two years.

How does the plan work?

It will work on the principle of pooling the money of the members and in turn provide the healthcare facilities. The policy includes pre-existing and new ailments. Some of the common health risks that the policyholder can avail are cardiac ailments, diabetes, hypertension, mental illness and many more.

What is the procedure to avail the plan?

The process of availing the IHIP insurance is simple. In order to avail the benefits of this insurance, one needs to go to the nearest IHIP center. There is no need to pay any initial charges to avail the policy. You can choose the premium amount according to your income and the amount of risk that you are willing to take.


If you are buying a health insurance plan for your family, then you need to take into consideration the things that are discussed in this post. If you are paying a premium for a health insurance plan, then you need to make sure that you are getting a reliable and affordable coverage.

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