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How A Government Lawyer Made $250,000 Last Year Working Only 2 Hours a Day: Latest Update 2023

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How a Government Lawyer Made $250,000 Last Year Working Only 2 Hours a Day

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Are you planning to start a legal business?

Government Lawyer; If yes, then it is the right time to start your own legal business, because there are many legal issues that have been handled by the lawyers.

Some of the most common issues in legal business are bankruptcy, family law, divorce and civil litigation.

Labour Lawyer
Labour Lawyer

But how did this lawyer make $250,000 last year working only 2 hours a day? This question has created some debate among the people and I am here to give you the answer to this question.

The government lawyer

The name of this lawyer is Mr. Gavina Vigliocco, he is a government lawyer and has worked as a government lawyer for a very long time.Government Lawyer; But recently he decided to open his own legal firm. He has been working for over 25 years in the same office and has a great experience in the field of law.

So, the question is, how did he make a whopping $250,000 last year?

How did he make it happen?

Mr. Gavina Vigliocco has taken a great decision to open his own legal firm.

He has decided to build his own house in California and invest the money in this house. He is planning to make a profit by renting this house out. So, he needs to spend some time on this investment.

In the meantime, he has started working for himself.Government Lawyer; He has managed to get some clients and is now providing legal services to the clients. He is not a solo practitioner and he is working under the supervision of a senior attorney.

So, he is making around $250,000 per year and has been saving for over 10 years in the same office.

How does he manage to work for only 2 hours a day?

To manage the day-to-day activities of the company, Mr. Gavina Vigliocco takes a couple of hours a day for his personal time and then he takes rest of the time for the legal work.

He takes around 2 hours for his personal time. He sleeps during the daytime and works during the night. His working hours are 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM.

Crash at An Intersection

The Most Interesting Laws Of The World

Nowadays, the number of law-abiding citizens has decreased as the society is moving towards breaking all the laws. Government Lawyer;In the modern world, the number of criminals has increased but the number of police is still high.

Most of the time, the government has failed to protect its citizen, but in some cases, the government has also started taking action. Government Lawyer; We have heard many stories of police officers and judges who were arrested because of the corruption and negligence.

In order to fight crime, the governments have introduced many laws to protect the citizens, but the problem is that the law-abiding citizens have started fearing this new law. They have become very strict and are avoiding doing any illegal act.

In fact, there are some laws that are making the people’s lives miserable and some people are just ignoring these laws.

Today, I will share the most interesting and shocking facts related to the government, police, and criminals.

Government Corruption:

Police officers in the government do not follow the law, as the corruption is too high. These police officers are earning money through the bribes and in many cases, the corrupt police officers are actually controlling the entire society.

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The government should be held responsible for this and the people should come out and protest. The police should not be trusted as most of the police officers are corrupt and don’t care about the lives of the people.

How Many People Are Arrested Every Year?

According to the police records, the total number of arrests is around 1.3 million per year.

Nowadays, a huge number of people are arrested every day, but most of them are not convicted.

Now, let’s see how people have become criminals due to the police corruption.

Death Penalty Laws:

Almost 50% of the prisoners are facing a death penalty.

The number of the people getting killed in this manner is increasing day by day. Most of these prisoners don’t have the legal right to defend themselves and they are actually innocent.

Even the court is not ready to give the prisoners the fair punishment, as they are also involved in this crime.

The Death Penalty is a very cruel punishment and the law should be changed as people cannot get justice.

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